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martes, septiembre 16, 2003

VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!!!!!!!!! Feliz 16 de Septiembre! Dí­a de la Independencia!!!

Today is Mexican Independence Day. Yes, it's TODAY, Sept. 16th, NOT May 5th (or "Cinco de Mayo as you people know it). GOT IT?!

This was a good weekend. Very mellow, and relaxing. Friday, I went to see Once Upon a Time in Mexico with him. I enjoyed the movie, even though I still haven't seen El Mariachi nor Desperado. It was an entertaining movie.

Saturday, I went shopping for some curtains for my bedroom. I'd like to open the blinds during the day, but have some curtains that let light through w/o people seeing from outside. I'm on the first floor, and my window is facing the street, so I feel pretty exposed when I open the blinds. Now I just gotta find me a drill and install them. I'm pretty handy, believe it or not. I was telling my mom I should've been a carpenter, and she said "Why aren't you?!". I was like, whoa you think so too? Hehhee... I might think about it more when I finish my BA.

Sunday I didn't do much... He came over, we hung out a bit, chilled. It was nice and mellow. Just what I needed to end my weekend, because Monday is one hell of a day. I'm in school from 11am to 7pm, with NO breaks.

Today I decided to enroll in a sailing class, seeing as I had to complete 1 more unit for the 12 I need for financial aid. I was thinking about wakeboarding, but the bay water isn't known for it's cleanliness, so I figured sailing would keep me dry. It started off ok, learning how to maneuver the mainsheet, which is the cord you pull to move the sail, and the tiller, which is this paddle looking thing, with which you steer the boat. So far, so good. I'm sailing back and forth with little trouble, slowly working to smooth my switching sides thing, cuz when you turn either towards or away from the wind, you have to switch your hands, the one that was on the mainsheet goes on the tiller and vice versa... About 15 mins before class is supposed to end, the instructor tells us to start heading to the dock. Well, I went into the "no go" zone, which basically means I was facing the wind, and my boat wasn't moving. I was moving the tiller hoping to turn the boat a lil, and be able to sail out of there, but it wasn't happening. All of a sudden, this gust of air comes through, and I start going around in circles... and the inevitable happened... I capsized. Yes, I ended up in the water. I was SO glad I was near the shore! The water was knee level, so I wasn't SCARED or anything, but the boat was freaking heavy, and Kyle, the instructor had to come over in his motorboat and help me get the water out... then he towed me to the dock. Good thing is, I'm not afraid of capsizing anymore, since I already know what it's like. And I'm SO glad I was wearing a swimsuit and swim trunks!! I guess I anticipated getting wet =p I'm a SAILOR!!! Hahaha... ok no.

That's all folks!


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