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miércoles, agosto 20, 2003

Not one day has passed... and I miss him. It's because I know that we have something good, that I miss him so. It's not an insecurity thing. I actually feel very calm and very good about it. Knowing it's just gonna be one week that I have to wait, and that he will be there... that's enough for me. To know that it's not gonna be easy for him either helps too. It was a nice day to spend together, just chilling, hanging out... It was nice that he called me early. If I can't wake up next to him, hearing his voice first thing is definitely the next best thing. I always knew that the next time I felt this way, I was gonna know if it was for real... and everything in the past 10 months has definitely not been real.

I guess for at least one week I'll be going back to my TV obession! I haven't been home much (you may have noticed the lack of blogging), so I haven't either watched TV or been online like before. I highly recommend I love the 70s. I was born in 1978, so I don't really remember very much, but I've been watching this very cool series, and I realized I remember more than I should! Even if you don't remember anything from that era, either because you hadn't been born yet, or because *ahem* your brain isn't all there (why would that be hmmmmmmm??)... I still recommend you watch it for the comments. All the people commenting are just hilarious. My favorites include: Michael Ian Black, Hal Sparks, Greg Fitzsimmons, Stuart Scott, and Mo Rocca, among many, many others I just cannot think of at this moment. If either this or I love the 80s comes out on DVD, I'll be among the first people to get it. I'm that obsessed!!!


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