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jueves, septiembre 04, 2003

There's a bunch of stuff I want/wanted to blog about, but lately I've been feeling soooo lazy. School started on Tuesday, which was also my 25th birthday (happy birthday to me!)... Everything that could've gone wrong that day, did. First, I couldn't wake up; I woke up 20 mins after I should've because I kept pressing the snooze button. Then, there was NO parking. My class started at 10am, I got to school at 9:10am, and they had me circling the school looking for parking structures that didn't have orange cones and/or "This lot is FULL" signs, for about an hour. So it's 10:15am and I haven't found parking and it looks like I won't. So I came back home (I live 5 mins away from school), because my next class wouldn't be til 2pm. I come home and some stuff I'd planned for the weekend apparently wasn't gonna happen and I hadn't been told about it. I took the news rather bad, because if there's something that bugs me more about changes of plans, it's not being told about them until the last possible minute. Then I go to my 2pm class, and I have my Snapple, and I shake it, and of course I forgot I unscrewed the top already so I pretty much spill half the bottle all over me, the next seat (thankfully empty for the moment) and 2-3 other people. NICE! *Sigh*. The day improved after that, I went out to eat with my mom and my brother. We went to the new hotel downtown, the W. We had some drinks there; it's a really nice hotel. After that we went to Buca di Beppo for dinner. OMG it's so good... They give you food forever! We were 3, we ordered the dinner for 2, which was a salad, 2 pastas and an entree, and in addition to that,a pizza, and we took about 2/3 of the food home!!! It's insane how much food it is. It's good though. Later that night, I'm feeling happy because the day appear to be ending on a good note, making up for the crappy day I'd had, when BOOM I get bad news. I'd rather not go into it, but let's just say that it couldn't have ended worse. =(

Wednesday was the 2nd day of class, and it started out not that great, but not as bad as Tuesday! I had to wake up at 630am, because I have a 9am class, and parking (especially the first weeks of class) takes about 1hr. I had to leave my apt. by 745am, and the earlier I wake up, the slower I move, so I allow myself a lot of extra time. Well, I get to the class, and even though online it said the class was full, there were only about 10 people there (out of 30). About 20 mins later we find out that we're in the wrong room; the room was changed and no one told us (of course). STILL, there wasn't even going to be class yesterday, because it's a lab... half of the class has lab on Monday, and the other half on Wednesday... Since there was no school on Monday, the teacher figured we'd all start the lab next week, to even it out. Gee, thanks for telling us!! Hehe... I continued with my day, and everything was ok after that. Then I get home, and I'm taking off my jeans to put on some shorts, cuz it's hot, and when I take off my jeans... there is a HUGE rip in the back of my pants!! From the waistband to the back of the mid-thigh... UM... WHEN?!?! When did this happen??? I didn't feel my pants being torn at all during the day, so I'm really hoping it happened when I got home or something. PLEASE!! The odd thing is that those pants are pretty loose on me, so I'm not sure what caused the tear...

Today I decide to take another chance at parking early... I actually woke up on time today; no more snooze button. I hear that Tuesday and Thursday mornings is when school is the fullest. I go to school and for 40 mins the stupid traffic directors have me circling the school, juggling me (and others) from one parking structure to the other... Finally, about 50 mins later I gave up and came home. I'm not going to do this for the next few weeks, even if I know for a fact it will not last all semester. Screw it, I'm dropping that class. It's only 1 unit anyway, and it was a class I was taking because I wanted to, not because I had to. It's not worth it to start my day like that...

So now I'm home... my next class is at 2pm... lalalala... what to do, what to do... =p


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