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martes, agosto 19, 2003

Wow... I haven't gotten up this early in months. It's 9AM. I've been up for an hour. Seems like if I actually get out of my house during the day, I become tired faster at night, thus go to bed earlier. Who would've thought?!?! Hahaha... Yea, lately I've actually been getting out of the house.
It's too early though, and now I'm bored! There's nothing on TV, and there's nothing to do. I hope someone calls me... but they said they'd call around noon or so, so it's gonna be til laaaaaaater. Sigh. NO PATIENCE! I need to get me some of that...
It's weird feeling this way. It hasn't happened in a while. I know it probably sounds like I talk about someone different all the time, but it's really not the case. Before it was about obsession and wanting what I knew was wrong for me, just to want something. It's different now. I feel more calm. I'm still impatient in that I want to see him all the time, but I'm ok if I don't get to. And I know that he wants to see me often too, and that definitely calms me. Knowing that we are more or less on the same page, at least right now, makes it a bit easier for me to wait. So that's all I can do now... WAIT!! =\


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