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viernes, septiembre 12, 2003

How lazy am I? So lazy that I rearranged my school schedule, and now I'll have 12 units (2 less than when I first registered) and I go to school only on Mon, Tue and Wed. You'd think that I'm taking this opportunity to maybe get a job, or start going to the gym... yup.... not really.

Other than that, not much has happened since last Monday. Mondays are still my longest days, Tuesdays I'll only have a wakeboarding class (which means I'm not even at school that day...) and Wednesdays I'm there 9am-2pm. It's ok because 2 of my classes require a lot of work outside the class... Not necessarily homework I need to submit, but that I do need to do in order to study and be able to learn the material better and pass the class. I was supposed to add this one class on T-TH, but the class was at 8am, and I got kinda lazy about it. If I'd planned it out better from the start, I would've added that class right away, and that way I wouldn't have had to drop ballet. I still can't believe I had to drop that class, and for something as stupid as parking. Hopefully, I'll think my schedule out better for Spring, and not be lazy and schedule more 8am classes. Ick...

Things in other areas of my life seem to be improving. Had a nice talk with him yesterday; got some stuff cleared up and I have a good feeling about it. After 4 serious (read: at least 2 yrs with each) boyfriends, and a buncha non-serious dating, I still can't figure out guys. Well, they can't figure me out either... hehhee... But I'm very up-front about being complicated ;)

Ever since school started, I can't sleep past 9am, even though I still go to bed pretty late. Surprisingly, I'm not totally tired throughout the day... Oh well, I'm not complaining =D That's all for now. Ran out of things to say... Not that anything I said up til now has been very interesting, but hey, no one's forcing anyone to read this crap =p


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