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lunes, septiembre 08, 2003

Thursday, I skipped my 2pm class... OOPS! hehehe. Instead, I went with my roomate around town, accompanying her to apply for jobs and submit resumes. That's something I should be doing myself, but eh... I'm too lazy. Maybe later. It was a good day though. Fun times.

Friday was the beginning of my Birthday Weekend Bash! My mom rented a hotel room by the beach for my friends and me. We stayed at Beach Haven Inn. It was so much fun!! My friends and my brother came up, and we basically just drunk and ate all weekend. Saturday it was our annual lunch at Tony Roma's. Every year since like, 1992, we've gone to eat there for my birthday. It's SOOO good!!! Mmmm... ribs... *slurp* After lunch we watched a movie on Lifetime called Face of Evil. We were all SO into it!! We were oooh-ing and aaah-ing the whole time. It's a creepy movie and it totally creeped us out. It was pretty hilarious how we all had more or less the same reactions to the really creepy parts... Kinda screaming at the same time and stuff. It was fun! Saturday night we went to PB Bar & Grill for a bit. Then back to the hotel for more drinking. Good times...

Sunday we had to check out of the hotel, and since it was still early, we decided to watch a movie. We saw American Wedding. It was silly, but made me laugh. I didn't recall Stifler being SUCH a jerk, but yea... I was definitely glad I wasn't eating chocolate when I saw it!!! LOL...

Today it was back to school... again. Mondays are my longest days (11am-7pm, with no breaks), but it wasn't so bad. It was manageable. I need to pick another class, because if I don't I'm going to get lazy. Eh... I'm already lazy, so maybe I won't. Heh. I have 14 units, that's 2 more than full time! Oh well...


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