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jueves, agosto 28, 2003

Bored, so bored. Went to bed late last nite, and woke up ungodly early. Watched the last hour of Rat Race (which if you haven't seen, YOU HAVE TO! It's beyond hilarious), and went to sleep some more. Woke up again... and have been a couch potato since. I wanted to go buy my school books, but my car's at the shop, and didn't get a chance to pick it up. My mom couldn't drive up here since she gets off work at 6 and the mechanic's closes at 6. She couldn't take off from work early like she always does, cuz she's done that like 2 times this week already. SIGH. Didn't have any other means of picking up my car... so yea, no car=no books =(. Good thing the bookstore will be open all weekend (and Monday too!) so I still have time to buy them before classes start.

What's up with the mail lately?! Our stupid mailboxes here at the complex have been gone for like 2 months now. Supposedly they were in the process of getting new ones (why, though, only apts. 143 thru 147?). I came home about 2 days ago, and noticed the "new" mailboxes were already there. BUT! Our mail isn't being delivered to those yet since our old mailboxes are still in the leasing office. This means that for the past 2 months, if I want to get my mail, I gotta retrieve it during office hours. SO NOT convenient! And they still haven't given us our new keys. I've been waiting for a package for 7 weeks now. I called a week ago and found out it had JUST been shipped. Our mailperson (I dunno if it's the regular mailperson or some new idiot) apparently has no sense of logic, because a lot of our mail has been returned to the post office, because until 2 days ago, the place where the mailboxes were was totally empty (just those 5 though. Apparently the other apartments don't need new mailboxes even though they all look as old as mine). I don't think the new/regular/whatever mailperson realizes that you can deliver packages to the DOOR, or leave them in the leasing office, and that our old mailboxes are in the office, ready to receive regular mail. If I don't get my package by next week, I will need to yell at someone. Heh.


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