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lunes, agosto 25, 2003

YAY! Things are better than I expected! It was supposed to be until Wednesday, but he called me Sunday. I'd gone to Tijuana to see my dad sing (I Pagliacci at the Tijuana Cultural Center), so I got the message just today. My dad was awesome!! He was not a main character, but he was still awesome, and the play was great. So sad, but so good. Anyway... he had called me to see if I could go to a bbq with him and some of his friends. Good sign that he wants me to meet his friends and vice versa. Really good sign that he called 3 full days before he was supposed to!! Sucks I couldn't go, but there will be other times =).Today he called me again when he got out of class, but I hadn't come back yet. I got his message when I did cross the border, so I called him and I got to see him. YAY! We had really good talks, and I feel better than ever about it. We definitely are on the same page.

Other news... Friday I went out to eat with my friend Eddie, who is Dat Phan's manager/publicist. So yea, I met Dat Phan. Man he's cute. SO CUTE. And really nice too. Super cool. So here we are. Don't we make a cute couple (j/k, I know I'm tall... darn it). I kinda look weird... I hate pics. I would like to think I look better than that! Hehhehe. Look at my rad tshirt (Vampire Hunter D for those who don't recognize it!). It's Dat's fave anime (mine too!). Hell yea!


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