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domingo, agosto 31, 2003

I knew Saturday would suck. And it kinda did. Nothing happened, though I did see someone special for a bit. That was nice... but because nothing ever goes my way, I ended up staying home at night, like I really, really didn't want to. -=(

I find it interesting that almost every other hit I get to this boring blog is from someone who was looking up Jason Mraz and The Rainbow Connection. Interesting.... Hmmm. Gotta admit though, he's the best. I need to find a louder version of that song, cuz the one I found on Kazaa was too low on the volume and I don't wanna burn it so low.

Will Sunday suck more, as much or less than Saturday? It remains to be seen, but the way things are going, and from past birthday experience, I am going to go with really suck. The fact that I'm turning 25 should mean it's gonna suck even more, because it's such a nice, eventful number... yup... -=\


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