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domingo, agosto 17, 2003

So what's been happening... This week I've been hanging out with someone really cool. That's all I'll say here.
Friday I went to Tijuana to pick up my friend K, cuz Saturday we were going to Knott's Soak City USA. It was SO much fun!! It was hot as heck, so the water just felt awesome. We only got on a few rides, because well, there's only a few rides, hehe. But it was still fun. It was K's sister's husband work party, so there was also free food and drinks. NICE!!! I got home pretty damn tired. I went to sleep at 12am and woke up around 11!! Almost 12 hrs of sleep!! It felt good though. I was seriously tired.
Today I woke up feeling like seeing someone, and luckily enough, I got to. It was a nice day. Hanging out, just chilling, talking etc. Good times. Hope they last. School starts in 2 weeks, so gotta make the most of my free days!!


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