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martes, septiembre 23, 2003

I'm sick, which is why I haven't posted. Not that much has happened anyway...

Wednesday was another day at school, nothing exciting. Found out that the phonetics teacher's assistant is FRIENDS with my lovely Jason Mraz!

Thursday I went to TJ to see my dad... Had lunch with him, chatted a bit. I hadn't seen him since he did I Pagliacci.

Friday, I didn't do much during the day. My roomate asked me to make some cookies, so we made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They were GOOD. Afterwards, I went with her to her dad's house, who lives the FURTHEST EVER! He lives about 5 miles EAST of Sycuan Casino which is already super far!!! It's nice out there though... quiet, relaxing...

Saturday my mom and I went to Horton Plaza. Every season, she and I go to Nordstrom to see what Lancome has to offer for the new season. I don't even wear that much makeup, but it's a nice mother-daughter activity. I mostly get stuff like cleanser and face lotions, not so much makeup. After our "make overs", I came back home and he came over. We basically slept ALL afternoon, cuz we're both sick. Aren't we the most exciting people ever???

Sunday, I'd been awake for about 30 mins, when he rang the door, and a few hrs later, we were asleep again. Lol. Seriously, have you met more anyone more thrilling??

Monday is my longest day at school, but I cut it short. After bowling class, in which ironically I bowled better than ever, I decided my fever was too high, and wouldn't be able to sit still for almost 3 hrs w/o fainting. So I came home. I hope I didn't miss much, I hate missing class, especially a once a week class.

Which brings me to today's dilemma. I have sailing today. It's 60 degrees, very cloudy and cold wind. I don't feel good at all, and I have a feeling that if I'm on the water today, I might just throw up. *SIGH* So, should I go?? I really, really don't feel like I should. I should call the instructor.... I HATE BEING SICK!

-the end-


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