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martes, septiembre 30, 2003

Exactly a week... geez... I'm so lazy. I've realized that the more days I let go by without blogging, the less I feel like doing it.

So I didn't go sailing last Tuesday. I was pretty sick. I hate missing class though, and I was told they learned how to sail against the wind... Dammit!! I certainly needed to learn that, since I did capsize the week before and it was pretty much because I was stuck against the wind and couldn't get out... Oh well...

Thursday I went to see my dad sing!!! My daddy... He's so good! They held a small, semi-private concert at this doctor's house in TJ, to raise money because they wanna put out La Traviata next year. They're gonna do a bunch of small concerts like that, where they don't have to pay a ton for renting the place, and just earn money from the tickets and drinks.

Friday I came back home, and thought I should start on my reading, since there was a paper due on the 29th (Monday). Of course I didn't do that... haha... There was also this BBQ I wanted to go to, but totally forgot... I don't think I did anything. Damn, my memory sucks!

Saturday, I went out to breakfast with my mom, and to do some shopping. I usually hate shopping... but I like it when my mom buys me stuff!!! After I got back from that, I decided that it'd be a good idea to install the curtains I'd bought like 3 weeks ago. I'd borrowed a drill from him about a week ago, so I had no excuses. Plus, I still didn't wanna do my reading (forever procrastinating), so the curtains seemed like a good idea. Well, I LOVE MY CURTAINS!!!! I love them! They turned out SO good. Now I can open the blinds, and have light come in, without feeling "exposed"... The curtains let the light in, but block the view! YAAYY!!!

Sunday, I could NOT postpone my reading anymore. The paper was due the next day!! So I sat down (after a few hrs of TV and surfing the web of course), and started reading. The book was pretty interesting, and it's about a topic I like anyway. I don't know why I put it off for so long, but having to read it all in one day was definitely not the best idea. The book was Seeing Voices, by Oliver Sacks, who also wrote Awakenings. It's not a huge book, around 130 pages of actual book (222 total), with about 60-something pages of notes (like footnotes but at the end of the book). Of course, being the nerd I am, I had to read all the notes too. Finally finished around 9pm, and still had to write the paper. A "reaction" paper, meaning, not a summary, not a review, but how did the book make me feel, what did it make me think, etc... GEEZ!! Well, I wrote it, dunno if I did it right, but by midnight I certainly didn't care about that... just that I was finally done!! I wrote about 4 pages, double space, font size 12. Not bad...

Monday rolls around... ASL (American Sign Language), the class for which the paper was for, is my first class. Finally found parking, walked a million miles (ok not really a million) to the campus, and..... yes..... class was canceled!!!! *Groan* Of course... why wouldn't it be?! It is, after all, my own Murphy's Law life... The rest of Monday was better though. I got my bowling ball, which I'd picked out last week, but had to wait til Monday to get it back, cuz it was getting the holes drilled, to fit my hand. WOO!! I still suck at bowling, but with my own ball it's definitely more fun! I have my own shoes, my own ball... I just need to actually GET BETTER!! Hahaha... In my last class, which is a women's studies class, we watched If These Walls Could Talk, the first one, which deals with abortion in 3 different eras. It's a very interesting, albeit a bit rough, film. If you get a chance, I definitely recommend you watch it, but beware if you get queasy with blood and stuff.

And all of this brings us back to... TUESDAY!... I did go to sailing class, hehe. It was pretty fun, actually. I laughed a LOT. We learned new boats today, called "Holder 14", which are bigger than the first boats we sailed, which are called "Sabots". The Holder 14's can fit more or less 4 people safely, and that way, with more than 1 or 2 people in the boat, you don't have to be switching sides to steer, you just take turns... Of course, Kyle, the instructor, decided it'd be fun to put 7 people in the boat, and there we go, all 7 of us... Nate, the other instructor, just saw us and started laughing SO hard... "It's a new record!!!" hahhaa... 7 people in a 4-person boat... good times. I'm very amazed we did not capsize... We were definitely an accident waiting to happen.

Off to do homework I go... one of few things at school I truly, honestly HATE... Along with presentations and 5+page papers!! Everything else, I can deal with... I can deal with going to class, I can handle tests... But please, no homework, no presentations and NO PAPERS!! Hahhaa... Oh well...


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