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martes, enero 18, 2005

Last week of vacation!

OK whoa I haven't blogged in a while!!!

OK so Día de Reyes, Jan 6th, we all went to Machucas and I brought a rosca. It was a REALLY GOOD rosca!!! I also brought my tgi friday's mudslide bottle, and a white russian mix too... Drank both of them and by 12am I was PLASTERED. Dax drove me home and I was so wasted I got online. And I made JM call me lol, stayed on the phone with him for like 3 hrs... So cute JM...

Friday I took it slow, didn't go out at all... Weather had been crazy, raining lots and I didn't really feel like going out. I don't really recall what else happened that weekend but I guess it wasn't that eventful!! All I know is I had a good time camming/voice chat with JM, and I went to bed at 10am and woke up at 5pm most of the week. Also, I started going to the gym WHOA, I've been swimming for an hr most days. I go late at night though so it's not too crowded :)

Tuesday Jan 11th I got to see my Jersey Boys again... MAN what a good play!! And of course I'm slow to think of this but I just realized that at least two of the actors in Jersey Boys were in The Who's Tommy, and in my Original Cast Recording CDs!!! They would be Christian Hoff and Donnie Kehr. Awesome. Those names even come up in my iPod when I play the songs!!! I so love this play, I would've wanted to see it more than just twice!! The best part was we got to sit in the FIRST row, dead center... *SWOON* best seats ever!!

This past weekend was also sort of mellow. Friday I went to gypsy's (spanish restaurant in Pueblo Amigo) with A and T. Had the best chistorra!! SO good... Saturday I went to Cafe Sole with M and K. I hadn't seen K in SO LONG! I miss you K!! We played Continental, which I learned to play that night, LOL. It was lots of fun though. Sunday I got back and went to the gym again... I even missed it!! And more voice/cam chat with JM. Man he's hot...

I'm going to buy my books later today... I want to avoid the crowds next week! I almost kinda miss school!!!

And in case I don't blog I wanna wish happy early birthday to the one and only VIPS aka El pescuezo aka Vicapala... His birthday is the 19th!


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