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viernes, diciembre 17, 2004

Fall 2004, the end.

It's OVER! What a week!! School is finally over...
Sunday and Monday I spent it reviewing for my Audiology and Anatomy exams. Audiology I felt prepared for, but Anatomy was going to be hard! It was time well spent though, since I got an A in Audiology and a B in Anatomy!! Those are the only grades posted so far...
Tuesday after my 2 exams I was supposed to start studying for Wednesday's, but I did not feel like it AT ALL. So, instead, I went to Mission Valley with my mom, and bought some Xmas presents. I still haven't gotten my mom anything, though! She's so hard to shop for.
Wednesday I finished my exam, I felt good about it, got my 8 page paper back and got a 96%!! I mean, I started that paper about 18 hours before it was due! And I didn't even get into it until well after midnight!!! I love it.
Thursday were my 2 last finals, 1 at 10:30am and another at 4pm. I got to class around 10:25am and they had already started!! I was like WTF! Haha. Then, around 10:35, one girl is done and everyone is like ??? Even the teacher was like, dude! 4 mins! (technically it was 10, since they started EARLY, but whatever). The test was actually not hard and I can see finishing so early. Since I didn't really study that much, I was trying to guess and that took a bit longer, hehe. After that exam, my friend L and I went on to try to study for our 4pm final. It was gonna be a somewhat long final, since it was cumulative and the information was pretty intense. After about 2.5 hrs (of both studying and doing nothing haha at the same time), we're like, whatever, we're over it. So we went to Starbucks (I'd already had a bottled frappuccino, LARGE!!), and I got a Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino... SO FREAKING GOOD. Then, off to the exam. It was 12 pages! Hahaha. 12... geez. But mostly multiple choice or True/False, which is cake. The fill in the blank ones were more tricky. I finished around 5:20, which I think is fairly good, since the teachers (we had 2 teachers in that class) had predicted that we'd need the whole 2 hours allotted. And after that, I was DONE! FREEEE!!!!!
I got home and I felt beyond hyper... the coffee, the excitement of being done! I made plans with my mom to go shopping again, then my exroommie S called and wanted to go to dinner, but then my friend T called and wanted to go to dinner with E because it was E's birthday! AHHH!!! So, I had to postpone things with S, and met up with T and E after finishing shopping with my mom.
We went to The Cheesecake Factory. I hadn't been in a while, we've been going to TGI Friday's more often lately. Mmm, it was SO good, though!! I had the "CRUSTED CHICKEN ROMANO- Breast of Chicken Coated with a Romano and Parmesan Cheese Crust. Served with Pasta in a Light Tomato Sauce", but instead of the tomato sauce, I requested alfredo and OH MY FREAKING A it's so much better!!! Seriously. SO GOOD. After more coffee (with bailey's haha) and a white russian, I felt more hyper than ever! But excited at being done. My back is killing me from all the stress but it's ok because tomorrow I get a massage!!!
And that was my week... Later today I'm going to TJ for E's official birthday party. Tomorrow is T's little sisters' (twins) birthday party... I can't believe it's been a year since the last one haha, time flies! And then I come back and I need to shop for my MOM!
My piercing is healing great, I love it. My friends almost hung me from a post for doing it (weirdos), but they know I don't care!! WOOOOOOO SCHOOL'S OVER!!!!! (I'm still hyper from yesterday!)


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