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sábado, diciembre 11, 2004

13 shopping days left, presents bought so far: 2

This was a weird week.
Sunday we left for Los Angeles, and stopped by Pico Rivera to see my uncle E. He's my dad's older brother, and I hadn't seen him since my dad's mass when he died. My uncle had had back surgery recently, and we wanted to see how he was doing. Thankfully, he's doing great. After that, we went to our hotel to get ready for Monday!
We went to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday. Nothing turned out how we wanted it to, though. At least I got Dodgeball on DVD for free... Don't even wanna think about what we could've gotten instead, but whatever.
Tuesday was back to school for me, since I'd missed Monday. It was SO boring. And I was still pissed about Monday!! All of Tuesday I basically spent it writing my 8 page paper due Wednesday. It took me A WHILE. At first I was like, aiming for maybe 5 pages, since it was MAXIMUM 8 pages. I thought 5 was fair. Then I'm like, ok maybe 4 pages... It was so hard though! Eventually I did get to 7 pages, so I was happy.
Turned that in on Wednesday, and prepared myself for the next part of Wednesday in which... brace yourselves since the people I've told so far have freaked out (for no reason, in my opinion, but you never know)... I pierced my nipple. Yes, my nipple. One only, the right one. My friend O picked me up around 7-ish, and we drove to Superfly, on Broadway St in Downtown San Diego. I went in, and asked how much for a nipple piercing. It was $60 for one, $100 for both. SO TEMPTING! But I'd already decided I just wanted one. I think 2 look nice and all, but I just wanted one, at least for now. So I'm like, ok just one please... The piercer, Josh, was busy with someone so we waited a while. I was pretty nervous, but I'm so glad O went with me, because I had someone to talk to. Eventually, Josh was ready for me... haha... I was nervous! I went in the back room, and braced myself. He marked, and checked and double checked the marking... marked again. Numbing gel, marking, more gel, more marking. He asked if I wanted to lie down or sit. I wanted to lie down haha. I lied down, he told me to breathe slowly... In through my nose, out through my mouth... slowly... slowly... and BAM! It's in. And can I say, OUCH!!!!??? For a few seconds, and then it was over. I was done. I put my shirt back on, and went outside to pay. He gave me a small discount, charging me only $50, which was very nice!! It's only been 3 days, but I'm very happy with it. It's gonna take about 2 months to start healing, and about close to a year to FULLY heal.
Thursday was my last official day of class/lecture, since this coming week is finals. I can't believe it's over!! I feel like it was just my birthday and I'm sitting in class going, I can't believe school started almost on my birthday! Hehe. Finally though, finally... I should be studying for finals, but I'm just not in the mood. I'll certainly be freaking out tomorrow night!!!
So that was my week, and this week I'll be busy so I probably won't write. Merry Chrismahanakwanzaakah to you!


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