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miércoles, diciembre 22, 2004

Maligayang Pasko; Buon Natale; Joyeux Noel; Merii Kurisumasu; Sungtan Chukha; FELIZ NAVIDAD!

I think I'm somewhat finished with my shopping. I think I should wrap the presents to make sure. I get stuff, then I forget about it until it's time to wrap it!! Today I was supposed to do my laundry so I wouldn't have to bring it to my mom's and do it there (less bags to take), but I feel lazy.

This weekend was nice; fun but also relaxing. Friday was E's bday party. I haven't laughed so hard in a while. I wish A and J would come out with us more often, they're really fun. Good times.
Saturday was T's little sisters' (twins) party. Good food, good cake!!! It was fun. T's brother-in-law is pretty funny. Oh and the baby!! OMG... so cute. T's sister had a baby in September; he was supposedly born premature (7.5 months) but he is SO BIG you'd never know!!! So cute.

Sunday I came back, wow it wasn't nice at all. My mom, stepdad and I left the house around 11ish, got to the Otay border around 11:15. We got to the SENTRI lane, since my mom has the pass, and my stepdad was debating whether he and I should get out of the car and start the pedestrian line at that point, in case it was long (the SENTRI line was so long, we couldn't see the pedestrian line yet). He decided not to, though, since we didn't think it'd be SO bad (although, the San Ysidro pedestrian line had about 1200 people in it, but that one is always longer because the Trolley station is there). Well, weren't WE wrong!! As we got a bit closer my stepdad realized the pedestrian line was a bit long and didn't appear to be moving. So we got out of the car (I'd even taken a nap in the meantime, with dreams and everything!), and started the line. It was SO HOT, the sun was roasting us! I brought my book to read while waiting, best book ever: Eats, Shoots and Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation, by Lynne Truss. We ended up waiting in line about 45 mins total, which wasn't horrible but still, for Otay pedestrian line it was pretty bad. It was only until it was our turn to cross that I realized why it was so slow: there were only TWO border agents checking IDs... On a Sunday... A HOLIDAY Sunday. TWO out of the six that should be there, talk about being jerks!! When we (finally) got to the car, I told my mom and she goes "Don't you just HATE gringos!??!". My stepdad is Caucasian. He said YES!! hahaha. It was funny.

Monday was rancho relaxo day. Well, sorta. I stayed home all day, but I cleaned! Oh man, I hadn't cleaned (like, thoroughly cleaned) in months! I hadn't had any time, with school and all. My room and bathroom are clean now!! Now... the kitchen... well, that's another matter.
Tuesday I went shopping, supposedly. T and I went to Mission Valley and I bought my mom part of her present. I hope she likes it!! It's so hard to shop for her because she buys everything for herself! Afterwards we went to TGI Friday's to eat and hang out. Our waitress was so friendly! I mean, usually they're just kinda polite and forced-funny, but yesterday this girl was pretty cool.

Today is Ady's party but I can't go! =( Welcome back from Boston though!! I was supposed to go to TJ today because first we were all gonna go watch The Phantom of the Opera Movie, but since the pedestrian lines (and normal car lines) have been really stupid this holiday season, my mom wants to wait until next week to go. So now I'm going to TJ tomorrow instead!! But I'm sure I'll see everyone tomorrow at my brother's home away from home... Then, Christmas time is here! WOO!



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