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martes, enero 04, 2005

2005... How was yours?

Let's see... where did I leave off last time? I'll start with Thursday since nothing happened Wednesday.

Thursday Dec. 30th, my mom picked me up around 12pm, and we got to TJ just in time to meet up with the clan to go to the LOBSTER!! MMmmm. My mom, brother and I in one car; Aunt Lourdes, Steph, Diana and her bf Juan in my Aunt Chelo's van. We got to Puerto Nuevo, ordered 8 lobsters (I think they brought us 10 though) and proceeded to stuff our faces. Mmmm good! After eating, we walked around for a bit, but couldn't really go many places since it had rained and there were all sorts of mud and puddles.

After returning, we went to my dad's 7th month mass. I can't believe it's been 7 months already! I miss him so much. I felt bad though because my mom kept making fun of the church's Nativity scene (which included flamingos, a duck pond, the devil, reindeer, wells and a girl getting water from the well). Between that and the guy in front of me who, during the quietest part of the service, decided to stretch and make a "SSSS" sound (apparently the stretch was THAT good). His mom slapped his arm to shush him and I couldn't control my laughter.

After the service, my mom dropped me off at Dax's, where we waited for Iván, to go to Porky's place. I hadn't been there in YEARS. It was so much fun. I spend a total of $10 that night and got SO wasted. 2 white Russians and drinking Dax's beers! Ha… sorry Dax, I'll buy you the next round ok?? We danced the night away with 80s tunes. So much dancing. I didn't know Alfonso could dance! Haha. Good times. After Porky's we stopped by Machucas, after the whole Faca thing was over. Then both Ady and Minio bought me a beer (each). Fun times!! My brother and I left Machucas around 4am. I don't know how Leno can work at Machucas at night, then go to Deloitte during the day!

Friday I woke up around 11am-12pm, showered and hung out at home. I woke up like nothing! At night, I went to my grandma's for dinner, said happy New Year!!! And around 1am Alfonso picked me up to go meet Dax, Ady and the rest at Suzette's house. I brought my trusted bottle of Kahlúa (never fails me!), and proceeded to have the best New Year's. Drinking, dancing, karaoke. Teaching ASL to Alfonso and Leno. HAHA. It was definitely a great way to start the year, way better than anything I could've hoped for. Well, a kiss would've been nice!!!

We left around 730am, no one was even there anymore, and then, after Leno dropped us off, Ady, Dax and I went to Pinka's place for a lil bit. Dax swore that La Espadaña would be open at 9, but no such luck, so we went to El Potrero (formerly known as El Sombrero/Gorro). The chilaquiles were GREAT. I need to go there again!!! Then they dropped me off at home around 1030-11am, and I was not tired at all. So, I did laundry. Crazyness! At night, Tere and I went to TGI Friday's where we got the worst waiter ever? Freakin' A.

Sunday Tere, Ale and I went to the Sunday brunch at Hotel Emporio. US$12 (more or less) and oh so good! We were there for like 3 hrs, eating, chatting, etc. I highly recommend it. After I got home, I just waited to see if anything was going on since it was Ady's last day in TJ. Around 7-8pm, Melizza and Montse picked me up and we went to Ady's. We hung out there a bit and then went to dinner at Vittorio's (Revolución St). Very good, ravioli with cream sauce. MMMMM. Afterwards, we went to my house since my brother had just gotten back from Big Bear, and he was "sore". Boo hoo what a baby hahah. Just kidding!!

And last, but not least... Monday, I finally saw The Phantom of the Opera movie. And wow. Wow. Hot Phantom. Hot Raoul. Hot everyone! I need to see it again!!



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