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martes, diciembre 21, 2004

Quiz time! Damn straight...


You Are A Carnal Kisser!

For you, kissing is just an appetizer - and a brief one at that.

It's not unusual for your hands to wander elsewhere when kissing, even on a first date.

Truth be told, you much rather be kissed some where other than your lips!

What Your Kissing Style Says About You:

You're a highly sexual person and not ashamed of it. What's the big deal about sex, anyway?

Of all your friends, you're the best in bed... no wonder their lovers are always eyeing you.

You're biggest problem in relationships is having too many to choose from. You're in demand, babe!

Your Personal Kissing Matches and Mismatches:

Get together with another Carnal Kisser, and you'll be intwined all night. Not that you'll mind...
If you're ready for a wild ride, then search out an Intense Kisser.
(Not hard, they're usually obsessed with you anyway.) Kissing an Intense Kisser is... well, mind blowing for you.

Word of advice, keep away from Juicy Kissers. They aren't prepared for the amount
of lust in your little heart and will be scared away easily. And Romanic Kissers? Please!
They want a ring before they'll get down with you!

How Do *You* Kiss?

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