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domingo, diciembre 12, 2004

Bacon Burger dog!

Odd how I posted yesterday, but didn't write ABOUT yesterday. Hmm. OK, well, I had made plans to have lunch with my old roommate S. I miss her!! We had a great time. First, we went to The Cottage, in La Jolla. It was REALLY good. I highly recommend the Coffee Cake, which is served warm with a side of butter, which I recommend you slather on top and let it melt. It was amazing. Afterwards, we walked around downtown La Jolla, going into the little shops. S got me this super cool ring! And then I got us some scarves ($9 each!) at another shop. After that we went to Horton Plaza. I hadn't been there in a WHILE. When S picked me up before lunch, it was super hot. By the time we got to Horton, it was COLD! Totally weird. So we walked around for a bit. Went into Hot Topic, where everything Cheshire is on sale!! I got the musical jewelry box for $3! So, if you're looking for what to give me for Christmas, Cheshire stuff!! Hehee.
After Hot Topic, we went to Macy's. S just got a Macy's card and now wants to get everything there! Haha. I got These Shoes, in tan/brown hounds tooth pattern, which is not on the website pics. So comfy! And though it says they cost $60, I paid $20! WOoo!
After that I came home and TRIED to study, but was just not into it, and ended up on the phone with O for much of the night. He was fighting with his computer, and it was funny. Then he refused to tell me what those phrases in Japanese meant! The nerve... I found out though and he was laughing nervously, which was cute. Haha.
Today I actually got some flashcards done for the Audiology final, but I have no motivation for the Anatomy one. We have to meet at my classmate T's house later today to finish our Communication and Aging project and I'm soooo over school. But whatever. At least there'll be pizza! I'm hungry.


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