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sábado, diciembre 04, 2004

The reflex is an only child...

Jingle Ball was GREAT!! The first to play was Jamie Cullum. He played a short set, but was SO good, and he's really cute. Great voice! Next was Alanis Morissette, whom I'd forgotten I'd liked, and last night reminded me! Haha. After that, John Mayer came on. Great guitar playing!! But why does he make does weird faces?! Looks like he's having an orgasm, and he licks the microphone =S After him, everyone's favorite William Hung came out, singing She Bangs, complete with dancers! Of course everyone went to the bathroom at that point... Next was Sarah McLachlan, whom I don't really like that much, but has a really nice voice. Her set was ok, but made me sleepy. Then, Chris Isaak with his rockabilly band haha. It was cool. He was the only one who sang Christmas songs (aside from good ol' Willy), but he also sang "Wicked Game" which reminded me of good times! And last, but definitely not least... The reason I went to this concert... Duran Duran. Ooohh Simon LeBon, hotness! What a voice! Pure hotness. It was great, they sang a few new songs and a lot of good old 80s!
The concert all in all was great, but of course I was sitting next to William Hung's Filipino relatives... These people (2 girls and 1 guy) decided to sing IN MY EAR the whole concert, with their thick accents and total disregard for the songwriter. ARGH!! I was also, apparently, sitting in the "white people who can't dance but will do so anyway" section... Why do people like to dance so much, when they have NO rhythm?? Seriously, no! SIT DOWN! It was pretty bad... But funny in retrospect.
After that, my friends and I went to TGI FRIDAY'S, I stepped away from tradition and did NOT order the Blackened Chicken Alfredo! Haha. But now I'm craving it! Ah well, I'll have plenty of food to choose from today... Yay!


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