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miércoles, diciembre 01, 2004

Are you LOST yet?!

If you are not watching Lost, Wednesdays at 8pm PST on ABC, well START! It's so awesome. Basically a plane crashes in an island in the middle of nowhere, and all this weird stuff happens... seriously weird. It's got Matthew Fox (Charlie the eldest on Party of Five), Dominic Monaghan (Merry! from LOTR)... And it's just REALLY GOOD! So watch it!

I'm really excited for a few reasons:
-school's almost done! finally...
-December Nights @ Balboa Park, before known as Christmas on the Prado
-Jingle Ball!
-The Ellen DeGeneres show! I'll be in the audience, look for me. *edit! the show will probably air on Tuesday, Dec 7th!
-The Phantom of the Opera Movie, I'm so there! Have seen the play like, 10 times, seriously!! Or is it 11??

Well, these are just a few things I'm looking forward to... A FEW!!!


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