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martes, diciembre 28, 2004

Christmas time is here... and past...

Cherry Mistmas!
So, it's all over haha. Holidays... Well there's still New Year's, I guess, but I still don't know what's happening then.

What'd you get for Christmas?! That's the running question. Well I got tons of stuff!
- green/brown/vanilla jacket from my cousin/godmother
- 2 cookbooks from my aunt/other godmother
- blue-ish knit scarf from stepdad
- snoopy candle; mickey mouse collector's monopoly; pjs; and an iPod, 20gb! from mom
- iTrip for said iPod; and massaging lumbar pillow from Discovery Channel Store, from my brother
- and a Guess Watch from my mom on behalf of my dad *snif (but the faceplate is light blue, not silver, though both are my favorite colors, yay)

Nice gifts, all of them... I wish my dad was still around though... Sigh.

The weekend was fun. It started on Thursday for me... Thursday night was Ady's welcome home party. She moved to Boston for school. It was a really fun party! Met new people, and chatted with old friends. GOOOOOD TIMES, in company of my good, reliable friend:


Friday was get ready time! I made a chocolate-peppermint cake for that night. And well, the food at Grandma's... can't beat it!! It was SO GOOD. The next morning was present time!! And then off to grandma's again, for more food!! This time, leftovers plus tamales... yum!

Saturday night my brother threw a party at the house. It was a fairly small party compared to the ones he usually throws, but that made it better =) I didn't stay at the party long, though. I ended up going with Ady, Dax, and 2 girls, around TJ. It was fun!! We tried to go to Porky's but it was closed! man... I haven't been there in forever! So we go back to my house, Ady drops me and Dax off, and my brother was playing all sorts of 80s and 90s songs from way back so of course I danced haha... It was so funny.

Sunday was carne-asada time!! We were supposed to go to my cousin's beach house, but everyone got lazy and decided to do it at my aunt's house instead. The meat was EXCELLENT! My cousin's husband got meat for like 100 people, and it was only about 30 of us haha. SO GOOD, though. MMmm. Afterwards, I was supposed to go to either Sanborn's with Dax & Co., or to dinner with my friend T, since our other friend F (who lives in Mexico City) was supposed to be in town. But F flaked and T and I went to TGI Friday's, where I had a real, blended, frothy mudslide! YUM!! Good times.

And that was my holiday weekend. We'll see about New Year's!!!


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