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lunes, enero 24, 2005

Back to school!

Last week was... interesting? It was my last week of vacation and I wanted to enjoy my sleepy-time. So I continued my going to bed at 10am and waking up at 5pm. It was great!!! Great times.

Friday was my brother's birthday party (his birthday is actually on the 27th, but since Dax is going to Boston to see Ady, he moved the party up a week). It was so much fun!! There were burgers, hot dogs and fries. And of course, KAHLUA!! Lovely, lovely kahlúa. I danced... A lot. Quebradita to Sublime was fun (sounds weird but it was fun!). The party officially ended somewhere between 7 and 8am. I went to sleep by 830am and woke up at 4pm. My brother actually woke up before I did!

Saturday night I went to Sótano Suizo... I hadn't gone in a whiiiillleeee. It's so different, but at the same time the same. More kahlúa that night... Good times. We left the place around 2am (I think), and we went to get tacos. I hadn't had tacos in a while! Mmmm El sinaloense never fails!

Sunday I had to wake up too early for my taste (8am), since I had to come back to SD. But of course I slept as soon as I got home, from 10am to around 4pm. NICE. Then I got online (how I missed you, internet!) and chatted with a few people. JM hasn't been on in a while, I miss you JM!!! But Sal came online and we made plans to hang out. Well, I hadn't really gone "out" in a loooong time and I had a really, really good time. So thank you Sal, for Sunday.

And today I started school. I only have one class on Mondays which starts at 4pm, but I didn't have time to sleep in :( I had an appt at 12:30pm so I had to wake up "early", at 10am. But I made it through the day with only 6 hrs of sleep... For me that's really not enough, but it was so worth it! ;) The class actually let out early because it's the teacher's birthday (Happy Birthday Ms. Fischer!!). So Mirna and I went to Bennigan's to eat! Well, before then we went to Cal Copy to get the reader for that class, but yea it was like $53 freaking dollars and I'm like ok I don't have my checkbook, they don't accept credit/atm and I'm not going to 7/11 and paying $1.50 fee plus my bank's $1... So I'm going tomorrow or whatever...

Tomorrow, 3 more classes!! I'm already tired LOL from one class... I'm weird. Yes, I am.


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