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jueves, enero 27, 2005

Almost 1 week down... 16 more to go? School... sigh

So I'm tired of school! Haha. No, not yet. I sorta like my schedule but if my Friday lab was on Wednesdays, that'd be even better. As of now, I have no class on Wednesdays. It's kinda good, I guess, since I get a midweek rest day. It's hard for me to get a regular job though, because I have a lot of free time but broken up in 2hr blocks throughout the day. That's annoying, but whatever.

Tuesday was good. I went to my ballet class, and I'm very excited about starting that. Tuesday was just orientation. The teacher seems nice; she reminds me of my teacher at Southwestern, Mary Jo Horvath. I miss her!! Mary Jo wanted me to major in dance, she thought I had a future in that. I think I could've been really good, but at the time I wasn't really focusing on my future. Sometimes I wonder what would've happened if I'd followed her advice. Would I be working in dance now? Choreographer, dancer, teacher... I certainly would've graduated already. I was afraid though, dance being such a competitive career, and I get disillusioned easily. I give up quickly. When I feel like someone's trying to take my place somewhere, I lose interest. Not good, especially in the dance world. Ah well, no point in wondering IF right? And there are WAY too many IFs in my life already...

After ballet (well, 2 hrs after) was Audiology. I love that class. I guess I should, since that's my major! I love my professor, he's so awesome. I hated Audiology when I started SDSU 4 yrs ago, but after much fooling around with other classes, I get Dr. Torre last fall and I think, whoa I love this stuff... All my life I've had ear issues: 3 surgeries total. 1st at age 6 to put in PETs (pressure equalizing tubes). 2nd at age 8ish, one of the tubes fell out. And the final one at around age 11 to take the tubes out. My main physician most of my life has been the otorhinolaryngologist. It just makes sense now that I'd end up in something ear-related no? Ironically, my parents thought I was somewhat deaf before I put the tubes in (due to the blockage I was getting from my ears not draining properly), and now I hear too much. Noise bothers me more than it does others, and I hear things that no one can hear until they get closer and then they're like Ohhh yea Ok how on earth could you hear that?!? Ah well, that's life.

Later that afternoon I had my psychology of sensation and perception class. It looks like it's gonna be SUPER interesting. The teacher is French, mais oui. She seems nice, and so young! to have a PhD. Well, if I'd done things right, I'd have one by now too... There go those IFs again!!

Yesterday I went to TJ with O, because today is his gf's birthday and he wanted to get her some stuff to make her dinner and such. What a sweetheart! *barf* Haha I'm so jaded... I finally go to try my chocolate-caramel cheesecake I'd made for my brother this past weekend (O wanted to eat the whole slice I brought, but I stole a piece haha), and I must say I'm freaking good. Yea I think I'm gonna be making that again real soon, for just myself!! LOL. Nah, I'll give some away... SOME.

Today I didn't go to school because I don't feel too good. These drastic temperature changes just don't sit well with my sensitive-ass self. I woke up at 9am (after a bad night of tossing and turning), e-mailed all my teachers to let them know I won't be attending their class today (since it's technically the 2nd day of class with them, I don't wanna get dropped), and went back to bed. I finally woke up at 1:30pm and I wish I could say that I feel "rested", but I don't. Maybe I'm getting old... What?! What am I saying, I'm the epitome of youth (HAHAHAHAA). Anyway....

This weekend I'll probably take it easy, depending on how I feel tomorrow. If any of you wanna send over some soup and whatnot, feel free to do so ;)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY HERMANOTE!! Espero q tengas un super día, ya sé q ya lo celebraste pero más... MAS!!! Jeje. Ya me alcanzaste!! Cuidado porq ya mero me pasas... =p

So yea, today my brother turns 24. They grow up so quickly, *Snif*. Memories...


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