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jueves, octubre 09, 2003

I'm SO LAZY!!!!!!!!! Yea, yea, yea....

Friday I was supposed to go down to TJ to see my dad, but it was 12pm and my mom still hadn't gotten a hold of him. I was debating whether to even go... I was pretty tired. Finally around 2pm my mom calls and says my dad wants to go to the movies with me. So, I drove down, and since I had to be down there on Saturday anyway, took my stuff for the next day. My dad and I decided to go to Cinépolis VIP theaters. They are NICE!! The seats are leather, and pretty huge, almost like 2 lazyboys put together. There's a sushi bar, a coffee bar, a crepe bar, and a liquor bar. AND you can bring all this inside to the movie. It's pretty nice. I went to those theaters a few years back, when they first opened, and I must say I can tell that people have been rocking those chairs...
Anyway, we saw the film Nicotina, starring my lovely Diego Luna. It was a pretty good movie, funny and interesting. I really, really liked the Argentinean actor, Lucas Crespi. HE WAS HOT!

Saturday, my mom threw a birthday party for her husband (not my dad). He turned 60 in April, but back in April he was still feeling kinda sick (he had cancer and was going through radiation therapy). So she decided to wait til he felt better, which was now. It was a fun party, we had a magician even... you know "for the kids". There were like 4 kids total, but anyway... hahahaha... That night I drove back home, and he came over and stayed til Sunday. It was nice.

Sunday we just hung out around here, he left, I took a nap and waited for Carnivále. This show is SO GOOD!!! At first, I thought it was a bit slow, but the more I watch it, the more I get into it... especially when I watch a repeat of an episode. They just seem to make more and more sense the more I see it. So many mysteries!! I'm hooked...

Sailing was tons of fun... I really hope I can get the hang of it soon though, cuz I'm still kinda skeptical of my skills... haha... I really don't want to capsize again. And the new boats we're sailing are bigger than the one I capsized in! Supposedly, at the end of the semester, we're going to get a certification card thing, and we can rent the boats from then on whenever we want (when they're available of course). YAY!!!

Today, back to TJ. Just for the day though... I don't wanna spend the night. Also, tonight is FRIENDS!!! WOOO!!!


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