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viernes, octubre 10, 2003

Yesterday, I get home... I'm driving towards my parking spot when I notice the car that usually parks to my left (a red car) isn't there. In its place, there is a black car, and it's parked 3/4 on "their" space and 1/4 on MINE! Umm... HELLO?? WTF?? This isn't a mall parking lot where you can be an asshole and take up 2 spaces because you don't want your car to get scratched (still wrong to do but whatever)... These are ASSIGNED parking spaces! It's 8pm and I'm not about to give up MY assigned parking spot, for which I PAY!, and try to look for parking on the street, where THERE ISN'T ANY ANYWAY!!!! I was so pissed. I crammed into my space as best I could... Because to the right there is a big pole with some tube sticking out, I couldn't overcompensate for the black car being in my space... I was as far right as I could be. The tube is definitely going to scratch my car when I leave, but if there is ANY damage on the side where the black car is, ooh there will be trouble. I wrote down their license plate # and info... And if I come home today and they are still there (or worse, parked wrong AGAIN), I will have them towed. I left them a note letting them know, so thay can't say they weren't warned about it. This is bullshit... I mean, I'm paying for my spot. It's not a public parking! I really do hate idiots.


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