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martes, marzo 18, 2003

My mind's everywhere but where it should be... Today I got to school late, so instead of going to my first class, I went to the bookstore. I bought my dad a birthday card (his bday is tomorrow), and inside the bookstore there is a shoestore (yes, I know), so I bought some shoes for myself. After that, I got a bit hungry so on my way to the mini-mart I saw my ASL professor. He tapped me on the shoulder, and I go "Oh HEY!".... with my voice. My professor is deaf. What's wrong with me??! I know this man is deaf, and there I go and say HEY to him like it's nothing... I felt so dumb! After that,I switched to sign, and continued a normal conversation with him... But seriously, where the hell is my head?

Obviously my head isn't on the paper that is due tomorrow, precisely for my ASL class. I haven't even read the book that I'm supposed to write about... Noo.. Instead I'm blogging and watching DS9. I cannot profess my love for this show enough, as if the name of my blog isn't enough... Or the fact that I, myself, go by Jadzia online... There is no end to my dorkyness... hehe...

I was asked if I remember Space: Above and Beyond... Sadly, I don't. The title sounds familiar, but I don't think I ever saw it... Sorry =\


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