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lunes, marzo 17, 2003

I love Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I just saw a really good episode, Apocalyse Rising. I love it so much. It's so good. I'm such a dork, yes. I know. Leave me alone!!

I moved into my current apartment almost a month and a half ago. I transferred my phone number around the same time. Yet, every morning for the past few weeks, I've been receiving phone calls for my ex-roomate's sister. Always the same guy from the same phone number. When I first did the transfer, I would receive a few calls for my ex-roomate, and would let them know that the number wasn't hers... I didn't realize that this one particular number kept calling and calling. Most of the time they would call when I wasn't here, so I wasn't sure who they were calling for. This morning, around 9:50am, this guy calls, asking for "Gloria". He had called a few times before and I answered, and I had told him that this wasn't Gloria's number, and to please stop calling. When he called this morning, I was SO mad. I said "Didn't I tell you already a few times that THIS NUMBER IS NOT HERS, IT'S MINE!! STOP CALLING!". He hung up on me without even apologizing, and before I could ask his name so I could complain. So I looked into the caller ID and called back the number where he called from. I have NO idea what kind of business it is, since all the caller ID says is "Rent-A-Center". I explained to the lady that answered that this number had never belonged to Gloria, but to ME, and that I used to live with Gloria's sister, but that I'd moved out and taken my number almost 2 months ago. If they call again, I'm going to kill them.

As if that wasn't enough for annoying phone calls, Mr. M called me last night. YES, Mr. M. After a week of ignoring me, he calls acting like nothing happened, explaining nothing except that he "needed some time to think". Well, it would've been nice if he'd let me know that he'd be disappearing for a while. I think that was totally disrespectful of him, and I don't appreciate a man who detaches himself from a situation without first trying to talk about it, or without letting the other person know what's going on. As always, he just called quickly "to say hi", and "call you later ok?". And as always, he didn't. This is insane! He tells me he has feelings for me, I tell him I do too... We fight about something that happened, then disappears a whole week and thinks everything is going to be OK just because HE'S OK now?? Geesh... talk about self-involved... Whatever... I'm moving on.

Speaking of moving on, S called me Saturday night from work to tell me that a friend of one of the guys at work had seen my Hot or Not pic, and wanted to meet me. How crazy and random is that?? Even crazier and more random is the fact that when the guy emailed me a photo of his friend, in the picture were 3 guys who worked at my other job, and I actually spent New Year's 2001-2002 with 2 of them (as part of a group of people). I didn't know the actual guy who wants to meet me, but in the pic he looks cute, so we'll see how this one turns out. I cannot handle another asshole at this point... preferably ever, but I know that's hoping for a lot! Hehe... *sigh*.

Oh and Julio, thanks for responding to my question. Kinda vague answers, but I get what you're saying. I don't claim detachment from anything, but like I had mentioned, I just don't have strong feelings for or against it. I do have strong feelings against "Spanglish" though. =p (I'm teasing you, but I really don't like it).


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