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domingo, marzo 09, 2003

Have I mentioned I hate philosophy? Ugh. I'm so horrible at it. I'm almost done with my paper. Yes, I finally decided to do it. My head hurts. I'm bored already. I'm also really tired. I'm trying to rescue some files from my old computer, before reformatting, but since Windows doesn't load, I have to copy them to a floppy (!!) manually, cuz the CD-ROM isn't reading either. I'm so sick of it already! I'm only rescuing things I really want, like old photos or school stuff. But it's SO MUCH! And one by one?? I'll never be done. I have til Tuesday... crap.

Mr. M hasn't called me... and I'm just not sure what to do. I wish he'd told me sooner he had feelings for me too; it would've made everything so much more different. What's done is done though, right? Can't really change what I did. I can only change what I'll do.

In doing my stupid homework, I found a poem that totally applies to me, and other seekers of perfection. I'll leave you with it. It's written by a man named P'ang, in the aftermath of the An Lu-Shan Rebellion (755-763) during China's Tang Dinasty (618-907):
The past is already past-
Don't try to regain it.
The present does not stay-
Don't try to touch it from moment to moment.
The future is not come-
Don't think about it beforehand....
Whatsoever comes to eye leave it be.
There are no commandments to be kept,
There is no filth to be cleansed.
With empty mind really penetrated,
The dharmas have no life.
When you can be like this
You've completed the ultimate attainment.


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