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viernes, marzo 07, 2003

He's being so unfair. Doesn't he realize how much I care about him? Does he think it's easy for me to have feelings for someone who says they don't have time for a gf? Yet, I'm supposed to behave like one? I'm supposed to act like his gf, but he can't give me anything? I'm like #20 on his list of 20 priorities, and I'm the one who's wrong?? How does that work? And I don't get to say anything? What I did determines what kind of person I am? People aren't allowed to be confused, or make mistakes? WTF?? Why can't I meet someone who will give me what I want, and appreciate what I'm willing to offer? If I felt that I could just let myself go, and fall in love with him, I would've a long time ago, but I thought I wasn't supposed to, since he doesn't have the time. But now he's mad that I'm not just sitting at home quietly doing nothing? I haven't seen him in almost 2 weeks, yet I'm supposed to just sit quietly and take it? I don't understand any of this. I don't understand why I always fall for the unfair ones... for the ones who will not forgive and forget, yet fuck up themselves and expect to be forgiven. It hurts SO much.


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