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sábado, marzo 08, 2003

Whoa, 1st person who commented (yesterday)... First of all... If you're going to make a judgemental comment, be man enough to show who you are. It's easy to have something to say about a situation you don't know much about, especially when you're being "anonymous". Second of all, you know nothing about my father, therefore you do not know what he "represents". And lastly, my father didn't even know my mother when he was "his" age. My parents got married a bit older than usual. WTF?

ANYWAY... Things have cleared up a little bit. I had a chance to say what I wanted to say. Now it's up to him to decide whether that's enough for him. He knows he's not perfect, and that I've put up with more than I should at this point. If he's really worth it, he'll take all of this into consideration, and if he's smart enough to realize that I'm worth it, he'll put it all behind. If not, then I guess it's his loss. I just don't like being strung along, with no definite answer. We'll see.

I'm sick... I hate being sick. I slept over 10 hrs. It felt sorta good. I just wish my body hurt less... It's a combination of being sick and the stupid rowing I did yesterday. Man, that killed me. =(


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