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lunes, marzo 17, 2003

The police came last night, finally. He looked at the car, and took down my roomie's info. Yes, we gave him the screwdriver. He said that it would be kinda hard to get anything off it since we don't have a suspect. I'm just trying to understand how it happened. They were seriously obviously not very good at stealing, leaving behind the screwdriver, tearing apart the entire console to steal JUST the stereo. Plus, the also left on the seat the parking garage key card. They could've taken it and come in again... They also took some stuff from her glove compartment, her work badge and probably some bank statements. I feel so bad for her. She was really shaken up, and is all scared now. Luckily yesterday and today are her days off, and she's gonna try to get tomorrow off. She already told her insurance, her bank and the apt. managers about it. I still can't get over the fact that it happened inside the garage.

YAY! my tag board rocks... I always wanted one, but was always to lazy to look for one. Julio, what do you mean Tijuana should be part of Aztlan? I've never understood the whole "Aztlan" deal to begin with. I didn't move to the US until about 2 years ago, and I'm not familiar with the goals MEChA and all those Mexican-American clubs. I don't want this to sound the wrong way, but I don't really relate to the Mexican-American life because I lived in Mexico until 2000. And even now, I don't really hang out with "Chicanos" who have lived in the US all their lives, but with either people I meet at work or school, who are of various races and backgrounds, or with my friends from Tijuana. I'm not trying to start a discussion or a controversy. I'm not even sure I'll pursue this topic, even if I get responses... I'm just curious to find out from an objective point of view, what Aztlan means, or is, or what. I'm a lover not a fighter =p


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