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viernes, marzo 14, 2003

Right? Well... I guess. I dunno. No plans, just another boring weekend at home. Bleh.

I haven't been sleeping well. Stupid old computer has been keeping me up late, trying to save as many files as I can before my mom picks it up. Yesterday I had to wake up at 11am, and I couldn't! Last night I tried to go to bed at a decent hour, so I could be rested for my rowing class, but alas, I was not successful. Made it to class a bit late, so I got to ride in the motorboat with the teacher, since when I got there I was person #10, and the rowboat holds 8 rowers plus the coxswain, or the person who steers. I liked riding in the motorboat. I just sat there and watched the people row, and looked around at the other people on the bay. We went by Sea World. We saw some penguins that live outside, in the "warm" weather. They live in little tents; they were so cute!! After the penguins, I had to switch with one of the girls in the boat, so I could row too. I wasn't exactly dying to, but I got a good workout. I guess all in all, it was a good morning.

This was the longest week... Things with Mr. M have ended, as expected. I'm really disappointed. I miss him. He didn't have the gall to tell me, he basically just didn't call. Why do guys do that? I wish people would stop playing these stupid games. I'm an upfront person, and I expect that people are upfront with me too. I want a person who can say things like they are, no bullshit, no beating around the bush. Someone who, when things get rough, won't bail, but is willing to talk it out, even if they think it won't work, at least so that both of us have a chance to talk. So the quest continues...


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