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martes, marzo 11, 2003

Oooh my head... Today was just too damn hot. Not the nice kind of hot, where it feels like summer. Nooo... It was nasty, and sticky, and the stupid wind was cold, so in the shade you're freezing, but in the sun you're roasting, and you can't take off your sweater because you're walking and the second you take it off, the wind gets even colder. NOT A GOOD DAY, weather-wise.

BUT in my speech science class we watched this super cool video on vocal fold surgery, so at least I had a good thing happen. Yes, I said super cool. I'm a nerd ok. Anyway, this singer had some cysts on her vocal folds and the surgeon was going to remove them. They were using this tiny camera, and tiny instruments. They cut this piece of scar tissue, and you're watching it in the camera, and you're thinking, ok it's tissue. Then they take it out, and the thing measures like 5 freaking milimeters. TINY!!! It was really interesting.

I'm still working on my stupid old computer, trying to save files manually to floppy disks... It is SO frustrating. I was supposed to have til today, but my mom said she can't come pick it up until Thursday, so I'm getting 2 extra days. *sigh*...


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