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domingo, marzo 16, 2003

I'm DONE! done done done!! with the computer! YAY! But now it's saying that the system recovery disk is corrupted... That computer is nothing but problems. I'm just glad it's gonna be gone soon.

WHY are people such assholes? My roomate's car was broken into. In an attempt to steal her stereo system, the entire console for the A/C, heater and hazard lights was ripped apart. Even some of her vents were on the floor. WHO does such a thing?? Not only was her car robbed, but did they also have to vandalize it? They even left behind a screwdriver. What idiots. The worst part is that this happened inside our "gated" parking garage. My car is parked right next to hers. WHAT the FUCK?!?!? I'm so mad. I cannot believe that people are capable of doing something so horrible, to someone so undeserving of it. We're waiting for the police... I really hope that we find out who did it...


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