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miércoles, marzo 19, 2003

I hate the border. I hate it. I want to get my SENTRI pass now!!!!!!. I went to TJ to see my dad, because today was his 67th birthday. He's been sick for the past few weeks; he got some sort of food poisoning from eating canned clams (ick), but he's better now, just a little weak. I was supposed to get a massage, but the masseuse never called. I ended up staying a little later than I expected, though, watching American Idol with my mom. I finally left at around 9:15pm, and I'd listened to the traffic report about 30 mins prior to that, so I figured it hadn't changed much. I was wrong. I got the worst lane ever, so freaking slow. It ended up that some couple in a Yukon next to my lane was caught with something illegal, who knows what, and they took away their car and made them walk across with their arms behind their backs, with a border patrol agent on each side. Pretty freaky... I have no idea what they were trying to smuggle or what was found... hmmm....

So that was my day. Nothing interesting, nothing extraordinary. I lead such a boring life, yet I'm always tired. I've had this constant headache for the past weeks... Right now I feel like my brain is swelling, and it's not fitting my craneum. It hurts.


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