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domingo, enero 08, 2006

Happy New Year!! All late and stuff...

First a quiz
Your Are a Bold Brunette

Men see you as striking and mysterious - you have a certain allure.
Comfortable in your own skin, you know you have a unique beauty.
You don't mind attention, but you don't need to seek it out.

So basically I'm not blonde at all! Haha. I still get called "Güera" all the time for some reason though... weirdos.

Sooo what's happened, let's see. Not a whole lot. Christmas was pretty nice, I got some nice gifts, ate lots of good food, and spent good times with my family and friends. Friday Dec 23rd was my last day at my wonderful office, and I was SO SAD. It was also our Christmas party and we only "worked" half a day, it was pretty nice. I got some gifts from work, among them a really cool set of shot glasses that have bottoms like billiard balls, with numbers and that triangle deal. I also got a nice bottle set of Disaronno, which will bring me good times in the future haha.

Tuesday after Christmas I started at my new office, under the same company but different department and location. It was SLOOOWWWW. At my other office, I was pretty much on the phone all day. Here, the phone was ringing like once per hour, hour and a half, seriously. I didn't mind at all!! I was sick so the less to do the better at that point. It is a totally different environment from my old office though. At the other office, most of the employees work in the office, there are about 45-50 people in the office at any given time. At this new office, most people work out on the field or from home, and I think the most people I've seen in the office at one time is like 7 or maybe 10. Seriously!! Very quiet, very different. I like it so far, I'm trying to get used to the quiet, but I like it. The people are still really awesome.

For New Year's I didn't do anything exciting, certainly nothing like LAST YEAR... Oh boy that was some very good times. This year was mellow, basically just a night in with my girls. A bit of drinking, a lot of laughs and talk. It was nice. I miss them.

And that's been pretty much it in my life so far!


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