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lunes, noviembre 07, 2005

Adventures in DHL

From my new favorite website, Overheard in New York:

Were It a Guy, It Would Be Foreplay

Jason Mraz: I pride myself on trying to be a normal guy--
Girl in audience: Let's have sex!
Jason Mraz: --See, that's not normal. Hey, and since this is technically my place of work, isn't that sexual harrassment?

--Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center

Overheard by: Amelia Stanley


Ok funny story. So the DHL guy (who delivers at work) starts training this new dude about a month ago. New guy, "R", is kinda slow, while regular dude "A" is funny and nice. So A says that R is gonna take over, and I'm like dude that sucks! R is slow and weird. Then A starts teasing me that R likes me and gets all nervous around me. I'm like whatever. Then A goes to another route, and R is here everyday. R is actually ok, still slow and weird but not that creepy anymore. Then A came over last week, and I'm like hey! long time. He goes, you know what? I missed you. I'm like yea we miss you too! And he's like, NO, I missed YOU. I'm like oh... then I'm like whatever! haha. So then I thought, MAYBE he was just teasing me about R, when it was him that liked me! So Friday R comes and goes, and then this morning I wasn't there when DHL delivered. So I get to my desk and I ask my coworker V, oh DHL was here already? And she goes, Yep and A was here training a new guy. I'm like oh? what happened to R And she goes, well A said that R told him on Friday that he was gonna ask you out today so he changed his route. I'm like WHAT?! HAHAHA Omg. So when DHL came for the afternoon pick up, I made sure I was at my desk. Sure enough, A and new guy come in, and I immediately notice A is kinda nervous. So I chit-chat with him, all normal, then we start talking about R, and he goes, Did V tell you what happened? And I'm pretending I don't know anything, so I go, No, what happened? So he tells me the same story about how R was gonna ask me out. And then he goes, and you know? I got jealous! And I'm like, oh? And why? And he's all blushing, hahah it was SO CUTE. So now V thinks that A is gonna ask me out. Haha, oh man I tell you, this job is full of drama!!


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