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jueves, diciembre 08, 2005

DHL- The Final Chapter

Yes, I am finally posting.

A few things have happened. I'll start with a recap for those who may be lost, or haven't followed the whole story.

About 5 weeks ago, the DHL guy started to express interest in me. We'll call him A. When I was out of the office for two days, he told my coworker, V, that he was "in love" with me. V gave him my phone number, he said he would call and ask me out for the following week. I returned from my vacation (11/14), and he had a different route. But, then he came in on an off-day, off-route even, to deliver some Jamba Juice. That was sweet. He then told DHL who took over his route, K, that he would call me Friday. He didn't; not sweet.

When he came in on Monday (11/21), I mentioned that K had told me a "lie" (that is, that A would call), and A apologized about not calling. I told him I did know he had my number, and he said that now that he had "permission", he would call. He did, but I wasn't able to answer. Points for effort, though. Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we chatted for about half an hour, and he said he'd call me on Thanksgiving and possibly hang out over the weekend, while we were both in Tijuana for the holiday.

That's where I left off. Well, he DID NOT call. After that, I was pretty much done. I felt that I'd been nice enough until then and he had more than enough opportunity to do something about it. So I was completely done.

When he came in Monday after Thanksgiving (11/28) acting all normal, like nothing had happened, I did not say one word to him. I wasn't giving him the "silence treatment" necessarily, I just did not want to talk to him. When he came in, I continued my work as normal, and did not chit-chat like I normally would have. I wasn't impolite or rude. He asked me if I was in a bad mood, and I said no. He said "well remember last week you said that you have a bit of a temper", and I could not believe he was taking my previous comments out of context and throwing them back at me. But I didn't say anything, and very plainly said "I am not in a bad mood". I wasn't. I was just done. V asked him about his weekend, and he seemed nervous about answering. She was so specific, too. She said "What'd you do Thursday? Oh that's nice. What about Friday? hmm. And Saturday?" Haha. It was funny seeing him squirm and trying to answer her. He said Thursday he'd been with family, and Friday he went out and got drunk. Um, nice. Even though I had told him I was free that day, and he could've called me to hang out (like he said he would). I didn't say anything, no reaction, nothing. Saturday apparently he went shopping. He left and V said, OMG he is such a jerk! When A and I talked for about a half hour the previous Wednesday, he had mentioned that he didn't drink too much because he had some kidney issues and that now he just took it easy. However, instead of calling me like he said he would, he went out and got drunk. NICE. Not.

Tuesday morning, around 10am he dialed my cell phone, but I was busy at work so I couldn't answer. He hung up before it got to voicemail, so I don't know why he called. Later, he came in, and I was the same, not talking to him. Not NOT talking to him, I mean not necessarily avoiding him, just no chit-chat anymore. He didn't mention the phone call, and I didn't ask. He again asked me if I was mad, and I said No, I am not. I mean, I wasn't mad, I was just disappointed. I was more upset than mad (yes, there is a difference). Wednesday he rushed in while on his cell phone and I didn't even look his way. He was in and out in seconds, all while on the cell.

On Thursday, K came in and said "I was told you've been bad". I was like, EXCUSE ME?! He goes "A says you are all of a sudden giving him attitude for no reason". I said, "Look, I'm only gonna say this because I want you to know MY side of the story, and you seem like a nice guy. It is NOT for no reason. He told me on three different occasions that he would call me, and he didn't. He's been telling everyone else but me that he's gonna ask me out, and he hasn't. The whole Thanksgiving weekend I did not hear from him. I just don't like having my time wasted". So K says, "OOhh ok see he didn't tell me that". Well, of course. I'm not surprised! Why wouldn't he leave out that information that changes everything? Because then he'd be guilty. So Friday A comes in again, I'm still not chit-chatting, and he sounds congested. He's all pity me I'm sick. Whatevs.

Monday he comes in, and I'm alone. We only have one package for pick-up, which is unusual since we normally have several. He goes "This is it?", I'm like "yep". He's like "How come??", and I go "Dunno". He still sounds sick. HA. Tuesday K comes in, and he's smirking, like he has something to say but isn't sure. So I'm like what? And he's goes, "OK, I don't wanna get into it you know, but I just wanted to tell you, You are right, and HE's wrong". HE MADE MY DAY! Hahaha. OMG I was like OH K, THANK YOU!! Finally some validation.

Wednesday though, he says "A wants you two to know that you're overreacting". I'm like geez, ok first of all stop sending these stupid high school notes with your friend, and second I don't care what he thinks! I know I'm right. So I didn't say anything and V is like, No, we're not, he's just rude and insensitive.

And all of this brings us to... *drumroll* TODAY:

K comes in this morning, and says "A wants you to give him another chance. He wants to apologize". I'm ready to club the guy (A, not nice ol' K). And I'm like, "If he wants to apologize, he can call me and tell it to me instead of passing these lame notes". K says, "Oh yea he said he was going to, but he wanted me to feel it out, you know, see if you'd be receptive to it". I said "I'm receptive when people are straight-forward, so we'll see". Now, I'm pretty sure he WON'T call, so whatever. But geez man, why so much drama? Back when he said he was "in love" with me, how hard was it to just pick up the phone, and CALL ME? I was always nice to him. After things "developed" more, so to speak, I could not have made it more clear that I wanted him to call me. But nothing. I hate it when people drag things out, especially when absolutely NOTHING is moving forward. I don't want to be around this type of crap. So far tonight, no call, no apology. Oh, V said to K, "he needs to deliver 2 dozen roses for an apology!", and I'm like "Ok that's all her, I just want to see him actually follow through and CALL for once!". We know it won't happen.

So, as they say "over before it started". Yes, it was. Is. Now I won't have that much to write about hahaa. Oh well...


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