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miércoles, noviembre 23, 2005


Cuz you're dying to know! Right??

So ok. He didn't call all weekend right? So, on Monday when he came in around 3(he's only doing the afternoon pick-ups now), I said "your friend K told me a lie on Friday", and he goes "what?", and I said "he told me someone would call me", and he goes "OH! No! I really did mean to, but I just couldn't, I was running around a lot all day", and I'm like HMMmm. Then, before he left I said "I do know you have my number" and he says "Yea, your work number right?" while pointing at the DHL package that he was taking which has my extension here at work on the pre-printed slips. And the reason he said this was because before (way before, like before this all started) I had said to him "you can call me whenever, there's my number on the slips!", sorta joking sorta serious... But this time I said "No, I mean my REAL number, my cell". He says "OHH ok, I wasn't sure if it was ok to call you there, you know, because I didn't know if you knew about that...". And I said, "there is a reason you were given that number". So he's like, "well, ok now that I have your permission, I feel better about calling". V is like AWWWW, I'm like oh stop the BS! haha.

At around 6pm that evening, I get a call. But I couldn't answer it, and there was no voice mail. I called the number back at around 7pm, and this dude answers all chewing something "*smack smack* hello *smack", I'm like EW. So I said, "um... yea who's this?", and he said that at the same time as me, so he goes "This is Alex...". I said, "Oh, ok, well I received a call from this number about an hour ago, just wondering...". He says "Oh probably a wrong number". I thought, Ok that's that.

Tuesday A comes in and asks me if I received a call on Monday around 6. I go, yea... He says "that was me!". I said "But when I called back, I got some dude named Alex, who was like eating or something when he answered". He goes, "oh... um... wow. Well I had lent my phone to my sister, because she needed to use the walkie-talkie, and then much later she said oh I think someone called you but I don't know who". I'm like, Yea I didn't say my name because I thought it was a wrong number... He did not know who that Alex was though haha. I asked him if he was gonna be in San Diego for Thanksgiving, and he says "well, between here and TJ". I'm like "oh? I'll be in TJ probably until Saturday". And we talked about where in TJ and that, but nothing else. Anyway so he says that it's a whole story that he has to tell me later, and he says "will you answer the phone this time?" and I'm like "are you gonna actually gonna have your phone with you, not lend it to someone??" and he laughs and leaves.

HE DID NOT CALL THAT DAY. Um, WTF. Granted, he didn't SAY he would call that day, but it was certainly implied right?!!? Bleh.

So today he comes in, and I'm taking a break in the waiting area, on the couch, "studying" for the GRE. He comes in, and doesn't see me right away, then turns and goes "OMG!!! I THOUGHT YOU WEREN'T THERE!! *phew*". I'm like, dude chill. So he picks up the packages, and the we start chatting for a bit. We talked for like 20 mins, but at first he turned to leave and is all "see ya Monday!" and I'm like MONDAY!? HUH? So then he's like "uhhh well, I mean do you get service in TJ?", and I'm like YEA or you can also call me at my mom's or grandma's, so he's like Oh cool. So he took those numbers, but with his track record so far, I'm not getting my hopes up.

We also talked about how he's going to Depeche Mode in Anaheim tonight (DAMMIT I wanted to go, and by the way GRACIAS Teresa y Erika jajaja por invitarme mensas! jaja no se crean es carrilla espero q se hayan divertido). Anyway, we chatted for a while, about a few more things, just about our lives, where we go out in TJ (or where we used to go out haha), and stuff like that. It was about 20-25 mins that we talked, even though he didn't have any time to chat because he was trying to finish all his pick-ups early so he could go to the concert with his friends. I told him I wasn't doing anything on FRIDAY (hint!), and he said he was gonna try to call me tomorrow (WE WILL SEE). If he does call, I might ask him to come to Jason Mraz on Saturday with me, if not then I'll ask my brother (gracias por ser mi back-up Angelito bonito precioso jaja, bueno falta q te pregunte). So yea, that's the latest in my adventures, so stay tuned for after Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE, eat lots and be safe!!!


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