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domingo, octubre 30, 2005

Feels like old times...

OMG... I was just reminiscing and read my first post.

"a little about me. i'm 23. i live in san diego. i go to sdsu, majoring in speech therapy. lived in tijuana until last year."

That was written August 7th, 2002. I was TWENTY-THREE. Has it really been that long?! Geez. I'd only been in San Diego for a year. And I was equally boring back then, sad to say.

Not much has changed... Well, technically a lot has changed, but in essence it hasn't. I'm obviously not 23 anymore, and I graduated SDSU, finally. But everything else is somewhat the same. I still live a boring life, but back then I guess it was more varied because I cannot think of anything to blog about now. Before, I had classes and interacted with different people. Now, at my job I pretty much see the same faces day in, and day out. There is fun drama at work that I could talk about but ever since I read about this girl who lost her job for blogging about it, I'm all paranoid! Sigh...

Back to reminiscing.


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