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miércoles, noviembre 24, 2004

Thanksgiving... Thanks for nothing!

Two years ago I met Diego Luna. It seems like it was just... a few weeks ago! Haha. Good times; didn't last though. 1 year ago I thought I'd met someone really great, but I was wrong. And just four months ago I thought I'd met another someone great. And once more... Wrong! What's wrong with me... Why do I trust people so much? Why do I give everyone the benefit of doubt, and so many chances to be great, when they so obviously can't or won't? I'm not sure I can be thankful of much this year. My dad died of something that could've been prevented and caught in time (hip fracture/lung embolism), my GPA may not be high enough to get into the program I want (freaking nerds with 3.8s ruining my chances!), I may have to move (as in out of the state) but have no money (how will I pay non-resident college fees, for GRAD school, not to mention rent/food/transportation/etc??), and my heart was broken once more. How much more can I take? When will things change for MY benefit? It'd been a while since I felt so alone and not just alone in that I'm single, but alone... unsupported; it's hard to explain. Oh well. That's life eh? And it's my boring life I'm writing about on MY blog, so deal with it!!


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