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lunes, octubre 25, 2004

Pieces of an Ordinary Girl

Nothing to write about, really. Anything to NOT do my howework though, hehe. This weekend wasn't very exciting... Really sad things happened on Friday, but by Saturday they were gone. Saturday I pretty much slept all afternoon and my bf was feeling sick so we just stayed home. Oh yea, did anyone catch Saturday Night Live?? I am not gonna jump on the bandwagon and say I HATE Ashlee Simpson, cuz I really don't. I don't like her music, but to me it's more like, whatever, than OMG I hate her stuff! But the SNL gaffe was funny!! Of course, I fell asleep shortly after her first song (kinda boring), even though Jude Law was pretty darn funny. So I missed the real funny stuff!! Hehee. Poor Ashlee! I have the video clip if anyone's curious, and I'm sure you can probably find it somewhere on the Net.
Anyway... Sunday wasn't all that exciting either... Well, it was FOR ME ;) hehehe, but I'm not gonna elaborate on that. And today was another ordinary day. All I know is I'm HAPPY!!!!!!! And school is halfway over so that's good. Yay!


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