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jueves, septiembre 09, 2004

One year wiser... hah.

I'm 26 and 1 week today :) Actually, exactly as I write this, since it's 11:11am and that's the time I was born. 25 was a weird year. The first half of the year I did great in school, felt back on track, yet in my personal life things were kinda blah yet frustrating. The second half of the year, I was still on track at school, and my personal life was still blah, just uneventful for the first couple of months. The weirdest part, for me, was that in that last half, 2 completely opposite things happened: the WORST thing ever (my dad died), and the BEST thing ever (my boyfriend).

So now, a new year. I'm most likely graduating next year, which is awesome and, seriously... fucking finally. And so far, things are pretty good in school. My classes are interesting, the teachers are nice, and there doesn't seem to be any huge homework for now. I know I'm gonna be complaining about some lame assignment in a few weeks hehe.

For my birthday, we had our annual Tony Roma's feast. Then my 2 best friends spent the night at my new apt :) We went to see The Village, which I LOVED. I'd heard too many bad reviews and opinions about it, but I still wanted to see it. I thought it was a very interesting concept, and though we all watch ANY movie and think about all the things we'd change and "make it better", I still thought M. Night did a nice job. The next day we went shopping... I don't really LOVE shopping. Well, I love to buy stuff but since I don't have money, I don't like teasing myself haha. I don't like to shop for clothes because I hate trying stuff on, and waiting for a dressing room. I do like to buy clothes at Old Navy, though... And through catalogs like Delias, because I don't have to try stuff on. Come to think of it, I love pretty much all catalogs.. Browsing, circling things, hoping someone will buy me something!! I do love to buy books, magazines and stuff for the apartment too. Anyway, I spent like $50 in some books and magazines that day, and I'm going to IKEA soon.

So that's been my life so far, nothing majorly interesting. I do love walking to school now, and my new apartment is just awesome. I should unpack though haha, I still have a lot of stuff in boxes.



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