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viernes, octubre 08, 2004

Sinister Rouge, coming back for more!



I just bought my tix. BAD RELIGION!! I love them. I saw them at the Warped Tour this past summer, and I am going to see them AGAIN!

This was the week from hell! Monday I turned in a paper. It was a group project, pretty easy, but one of the girls was sick and wasn't able to do her part, so another girl did it. But it got done, so that's all that matters. By the way, the TA (teacher's assistant) in that class (Anatomy and physiology of Speech) is apparently a singer/pianist, and even though he's doing well in the music business, he still wants to do Speech Therapy. How cool (and somewhat geeks!) is that? Well, his name is Skott Freedman, if you're curious.

Carrying on, after that class I had to go fight my financial aid some more... I needed to bring some papers and crap, so I did. Of course I was running up and down from the Financial Aid office to the Advising Center and BACK, because of the wonderful world of bureaucracy that is college, but whatever. Then in my 2pm class, I had to turn in a homework that was just SO boring and time consuming... Hopefully I did it correctly, because it was just weird.

Tuesday was a blah day, the only thing out of the ordinary that happened was that I had to keep fighting for my financial aid, bringing more stuff they were asking for.

Wednesday, was my bf's brother's BDAY! Happy Birthday Karlo, albeit a million years later. I wasn't able to go to TJ and celebrate, but I celebrated from here =þ And also, today they told me I AM GETTING MY FINANCIAL AID BACK!!! *yay* Double celebration!

Thursday, yesterday, was not a good day. In the morning, before I even left my house, things started to go wrong. I spilled my breakfast shake, it made me run late, and it made me forget I had an exam in my 2nd class and that I had planned on studying for it in my 1st class. Fortunately, my 1st class ended a bit early so I had a few more minutes to review. Not that it made a difference, since the exam ended up being the most weird, unfair, totally bullshit exam ever. It was on speech disorders and changes of the elderly, and the previous class someone asked if there was anything we needed to focus on more, or if we needed to know each dysarthria's features, like phonatory, resonance etc, or if we just had to know it in general. The teacher refused to answer the first question, but said that we shouldn't worry about the individual features. Well, of course the first question was "Name 2 phonatory and 2 resonant features of Flaccid Dysarthria". WHAT? I thought he said not to memorize that! I knew everything else about dysarthria, where each originates from (type of lesion), what kind of GENERAL features they each have etc. Everyone was looking around like, WTF. So an exam that should've taken 25 mins (there were SEVEN questions!), took about 45. Everyone was just waiting for the holy spirit to illuminate them with the answers, I know I was! Everyone was (and IS) sooo pissed at the teacher. The girl next to me studied for THREE days, and I studied for about 30 mins total. We both got the same amount of correct answers. That's not a fair exam! He's our academic advisor too, yet he never has time to meet with any of us. He's going to Hong Kong next week, and he was just like, oh I can't meet with anyone next week, I'll be gone! Not cool. On a side note, he's married to the Anatomy teacher.

Anyway, whatever. After the test, I decided not to come home like I usually do (since my next class isn't til 2pm and it was only 11). Instead, I went to the library, and decided to review for my 4pm class' quiz. I did, and then I took a nice nap. Yes, at the library. They have very nice couches all over... Then I went to McDonald's (there's one on campus!), and I don't know what they do different, but the nuggets and fries are so much better than McD's off campus... Then I went to my 2pm class, nothing interesting. Then there was a NSSLHA meeting, of which I'm now a member. And then the 4pm quiz. Again, a quiz where everyone was like HUH? We had to label an audiogram. The blue areas are called "the speech banana", because of the shape, and because those frequencies are where speech occurs. I, of course, labeled the first frequency as ZERO, not 125, DOH! We also had to answer some questions regarding the audiogram (not the exact one in the pic, that's just an example). We'll see next week how horrid I did.

Afterwards, my wonderful ex-roommate called! I hadn't seen in her SO long and we went out to dinner. It was very nice. I miss her!! At least the day ended well. And today is FRIDAY!!!!! I get to see my boyfriend today, YAY!

Hope you all have a good weekend, and I leave you with a pic I took @ Warped Tour. All the way in the distance you can see the lovely Greg Graffin, BR's lead singer, with his arm stretched out. HOW CUTE!


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