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domingo, septiembre 26, 2004

"I brought you into this world, and I'll take you out!"

Yesterday, I went to Viejas Concerts in the Park and saw the one and only BILL COSBY!!! (Hence the post's title for those of you who don't get it) It was GREAT! I love him, love him, LOVE HIM!!! It was so funny, he randomly asked if anyone had bet on Roy Jones in yesterday's fight, and like only one person said yes... Then Bill says, well you lost! And the dude is like, aww I was taping the fight!! HAhaa... Then turns out the guy had also bet on the Chargers. I mean, I'm from San Diego, know almost nothing about football, but even I know not to bet on them!! Bill was just ribbing the guy so much about this. It was hilarious.

Friday was my future brother-in-law's graduation. Man, I'm jealous!! Haha. Next semester though!! I'll finally graduate!!!! 26 years old and barely there. The party was pretty cool though. The food was better than I expected, no feast or anything, but still ok. Lots of laughs, weird people dancing... Good times.

School is ok. Kinda getting bored of most of it haha, I knew it! But I'm really liking my Audilogy homework, which really should be called Intro to Physics, because it's SO damn easy and it's really all physics. I think because before the prerequisite for that class was Physics of Sound but not anymore, so now they just blended some of the physics material into it. It's great though, because I am a Math NERD. The other classes are very interesting, but I just hate projects and papers and quizzes. Why can't I just go to school and learn because I WANT TO, not because I'm gonna be tested on it? I swear I learn better when I'm not gonna get tested, like when I watch Discovery Channel and I remember all the details, yet in Anatomy class I can barely remember where the damn lateral fissure is in the brain, or the function of the cerebellum, the names of the cranial nerves and their function... or the arteries that comprise the damn Circle of Willis, which if we didn't have, we'd all be dead. Seriously.

Tomorrow I'm gonna try to get back my financial aid... I really hope I do! Because rent needs to get paid and I'm just not loving this situation with no money. Wish me luck!!


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