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jueves, octubre 21, 2004


Short Post =þ

Some of you may or may not know, I'm a moderator for Hot ot Not. Apparently I have tons of free time in which to carefully screen pictures! Hehe. It's cool, and no, I don't get paid!! Anyway, there are a lot of funny, gross, interesting, etc. profiles there, and this one made me laugh out loud!! So I wanted to share it with you. I'll only share the essay though, because the person may or may not have written it originally, and I don't want trouble. I think it's just a common joke? I'd never seen it before though.

"Apparently 1 in 5 people in the world are Chinese. And there are 5 people in my family,so it must be one of them. It's either my mum or my dad. Or my older brother Colin. Or my younger brother Ho Chan-Chu. But I think it's Colin."



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