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domingo, octubre 17, 2004

Instituto México Tijuana, Generación 93-96!

What a weekend! Let's start with Friday...

A girl that went to my high school decided to throw a party for all of us. All of us who went to the same high school and were in the same grade. She started getting people together since April or May, something like that!! And she succeeded in joining most of us! It was SUCH a good party!! I didn't expect it to be so much fun. I figured it'd be interesting to see people that I hadn't seen in 8 yrs (Class of '96! WOO! Yes, I'm old). Anyway, the party was AWESOME. My friends A and R picked me up around 9:30pm, and we went to buy milk for the Kahlúa I brought. We were supposed to bring our own hard liquor; the party included the sodas, water, ice and beer. I drank almost the entire bottle of Kahlúa. I also brought some vanilla vodka but I didn't drink much of that. GOOD TIMES!! I was everyone's friend. Seriously, I talked to people that I didn't really talk to much in high school, and others that I had been close to but had lost touch with. I danced! I DON'T LIKE TO DANCE! But I danced a lot that night, with a few people and by myself. It was weird!! But I really did have an awesome time. I got home at 5am and couldn't find my keys! I thought I'd left them at the party, but today I found them in my coat. OOPS! I had to call my mom to open the door, haha, cuz I stayed with her. But she wasn't mad! I think she was just glad that I finally DID something, and had a good time, and even drank a bit. She thinks I'm a bit of a loser apparently, hahaha. No, she's great.

Saturday morning, I woke up at around 12pm. Only because my bf called! Otherwise, who knows when I would've woken up! He came over for a lil bit, before going to work. My poor baby, working Saturdays til 9pm! I spent the whole afternoon being a HUGE NERD, making flashcards for my Anatomy midterm on Tuesday. Hey, it worked for my Audiology test, in which I got 94%, so I'm not taking any chances with Anatomy. After my bf got off work, we went to the Tijuana Cultural Center, to see Nortec Colective, and Sidestepper, a group from Colombia, whom I thought were pretty good. Good stuff. Here's the flyer for the concert:

After the concert, actually between Nortec and Sidestepper, we went to one of my favorite places for dinner, Sanborn's. It's reminding me of how hungry I am right now…

Then today Sunday, my bf drove me back to San Diego. Before coming home though, we went to see Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Disney Classical Moments. Thanks to my friend A for giving me the tix! It was fun! Jasmine and Mulan fell, once each, and I laughed but then felt bad for them. AWWW!! But it was a good show, and it reminded me that I need to renew my Annual Passport!! It expires in November 20th. Hopefully I'll get to go to Disney before then! And when I renew it, my bf will get one, so we can go at least once a month!! Seriously. Who's with me!!??

Anyway, I should go to sleep. It was a looooong weekend, and I need my rest!!


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