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lunes, agosto 16, 2004


What is it with NBC and its crappy Olympic coverage?? I'm watching synchronized women's diving, and Mexico is at #6 after the 1st round. US is at #8. Mexico goes to #4 after the 3rd round, while US stays at #8. And do we see the Mexican divers? NO! Do we see crappy #8? YES! That's bullshit! They even show #7! WTF? Ok, fine, show your athletes. But seriously, of the top 8 countries, the only one not shown was Mexico. They showed China (of course, they were at #1), Canada, Australia, Greece, even Russia who, according to the commentators, "no one knew about before Athens"... And the US of course. But Mexico, ranked #4? Nah. Idiots. I wish I had Televisa. Yes, I wish for the devil of Televisa! At least they're less biased! And please, NBC, stop it with the sob stories about how hard it was for the athletes to get there. Pointless!! I really don't care! Leave those for Dateline NBC or something. The Olympic coverage should cover, oh I don't know, SPORTS? The ACTUAL Olympics?? Total bullshit.
/Rant. For now at least.


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