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miércoles, septiembre 01, 2004

Back to school!

School is in session... AGAIN. I got a whole week of vacation between summer and fall. Great times, NOT.

So far, so good. I like my classes, my teachers are nice, and my classmates... well I have the same classmates every semester in almost every class. That's the beauty of a small major, I guess. I dunno, it has pros and cons like everything, but I have no complaints. I just wanna be done!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and as a present the school decided to let me know that I've exceeded the maximum allowed units to receive financial aid. So I'm no longer eligible to receive money so I can not work and just concentrate on school! YAY! I hope it's obvious I'm being sarcastic. I'm trying to appeal it, but who knows what will happen.

Happy birthday to me! -=\


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